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3 hour Strategy Workshop
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Over 2500 entrepreneurs have implemented the Key Person of Influence method globally


Competition is fierce. At this workshop you will learn a powerful pitching technique for differentiating your personal and business brand in a crowded market. Case studies prove 10x growth regularly.


Charging by the hour or selling time is not a business. At this workshop you will learn a method for productising a service and a technique for making both product and service businesses 2-10x more profitable in less than 2 years.


This workshop is based on the proven 5 step method for becoming a respected Key Person of influence in your industry allowing you to access the opportunities, talent and resources you need to build a business you're proud of.
From the team that created "One of the top business growth accelerators in the world" Entrepreneur

Learn the 5 key steps

To growing your business, and your brand.

The perfect pitch

People will only pay for value they can recognise. A great pitch can accelerate your business faster than any other factor.

Publish content

Individuals and organisations that publish quality thought leadership have a distinct advantage over their competition.


Turn time based services and low value products into product and service ecosystems that yield strong profits.

Raise your profile

How to get your business and personal brand recognised online and in traditional media.

Partnerships & JV's

Build your brand and attract quality opportunities by partnering with existing big brands and industry influencers.
"One of the top personal branding conferences in the world." Inc.com

Presented by
Mike Reid

  • Co-founder of Dent Global & Key Person of Influence
  • 9th fastest growing company in Australia
  • Offices in the UK, USA, Asia and Australia
  • 40 staff in 12 timezones

With over 2500 entrepreneurs having graduated over the last 6 years, Mike has rare access to global best practice around what's working and what's not working in business.

BRW Smart Company
Mike Reid

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  • 1.5 hour content session
  • 1.5 hour workshop + Q & A

Wednesday 20th of June

with Mike Reid

Fishburners Brisbane Coworking Space
Level 3, 155 Queen Street
Brisbane City

10:00am - 1:00pm
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Tuesday 26th of June

with Mike Reid

Fishburners Brisbane Coworking Space
Level 3, 155 Queen Street
Brisbane City

10:00am - 1:00pm
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