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Ali Stewart is an award-winning leadership coach, mentor and best-selling author. She specialises in coaching fiery, dynamic leaders, in danger of burning themselves out, who need more balance, meaning and fulfilment in their lives. Ali does what she does because it matters. It really matters that leaders are never taught the fundamental skills of leadership because there is a worldwide gap in our education system. With the massive emphasis on teaching knowledge and direct skills, to the detriment of developing leadership and interpersonal skills, leaders are unwittingly contributing to around 10 million employees annually in the UK being off with stress and depression. She has built 2 successful business from scratch in the area of training and development. She founded Ali Stewart & Co – coaching you to achieve and grow in July 2004, and set up the accredited body for Liberating Leadership and Pioneering Professional in 2008. She has accredited almost 100 practitioners to deliver the programmes with outstanding success and, for a fee, allows practitioners to brand the material in their own style – which they love. She is looking to grow this body of people so that other trainers, coaches, consultants and HR professionals have access to this powerful model to help them grow their own and their clients’ businesses. The approach is attracting eminent coaches and HR professionals from places as diverse as Nigeria and St Lucia – it works wherever you are. The newly published Liberating Leadership book is set to reach Amazon #1 – it’s now available in paperback and on Kindle, you can help by purchasing it now and leaving a wonderful review. Ali’s book ‘Insights into Liberating Leadership’ shot to the top of two business categories on Amazon when it was launched in 2015 in hardback, paperback and on Kindle. It is an easy to read overview bringing together all the models she teaches. It identifies a clear 8-Point Plan, a dynamic blueprint to help leaders engage their passion for leading their business through their people with strength and dignity. This isn’t just about leadership …. it’s about creating the legacy you want to leave. She has coached over 500 leaders across a range of market sectors, and built a reputation for going deep and creating dramatic performance improvements. Ali mainly delivers coaching to leaders in companies turning over between £2m and £10m.They drive themselves hard. They know only too well the pressures of leading a growing team of people. For individuals such as senior leader Bob, who went to Ali when his life was in turmoil. He was about to lose his job because of his arrogant behaviour, his second wife had just left him, he was worried about the impact on his children, he had serious health issues due to his stressful situation. Ali helped him gain a sense of calm and put things in perspective. His feedback was, if he’d had coaching from Ali sooner, he would still be with his wife! For companies, who often view leadership training as soft skills’ training, significant bottom-line results can be achieved like slashing recruitment budgets and cutting sicknesses and absenteeism rates. There is nothing soft about the Liberating Leadership approach. It is hard-hitting, leaving nothing to chance and is award-winning. The Liberating Leadership programme is a powerful methodology, based on over 20 years’ research and testing which Ali has been driving, along with leading change management expert, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and HR professional, Dr Derek Biddle, who is now enjoying retirement. Ali introduces the methodology to all her clients because it works every time. Pioneering Professional is the perfect programme for staff, especially in organisations who are also training their leaders. If in tandem they train their staff to be more pioneering and self-directing, it’s less of an uphill struggle. Together leaders and staff excel. It is also a brilliant book for professionals with no line-management responsibility. The book is set to launch in June 2016 – it identifies the Key Attitude and 7 Key Skills for success, and is steeped in Emotional Intelligence. Alongside Liberating Leadership and Pioneering Professional Ali uses the dynamic personality-based Insights Discovery® model to develop professionals, teams and leaders. Twice an Insights national award winner for her exceptional knowledge, Ali is Regional Mentor for Insights UK Licensed Practitioners, and is based in the South West of England. Ali became one of the first accredited practitioners in the world to deliver the profound Deeper Discovery model, and is also a Master NLP Practitioner and Member of the Association for Coaching. Ali believes that by making a powerful difference to the lives of the executives we coach, they will become truly liberated leaders … who will inspire nations and generations to come.

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