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Clare Balmer
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Clare Balmer is the Founder and Curator of and author of Expandable Brands, a guide to growing business locations while protecting your brand. Clare started her professional journey into branding by founding/falling into her design business in 2009. She helped hundreds of businesses including the largest plumbing and electrical franchise group across Australia and New Zealand improve their image when communicating with their market. Her observations in branding led her to write her first book which takes an in-depth look at business branding and how to avoid common pitfalls when trying to grow. Clare not only covers the visual side to a brand, but the not so tangible aspects of aligning a brand to how it behaves, through company values and purpose right through to conflict management and who you do business with. In 2013 Clare won the City of Melbourne’s Infographic Design Award and was nominated for the Telstra Women’s business award in 2014. In 2015 Clare received a 5 star review for her book Expandable Brands from international organisation Readers’ Favorite. These adventures led Clare to her latest project, Brand Journal. Through reviewing her own values Clare came to understand that collabortation, exploration and value where high on the agender. So Brand Journal was born. Bringing together experts in many areas of branding and sharing their knowledge on one platform. Understanding everything there is to know about branding can be challenging and overwhelming, so this format of delivering advice each week seemed to be a great way of providing value to an engaged audience.

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