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David Sanders
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David Sanders is a practice management and marketing expert who wants to change the world. He specialises in helping the healers of planet earth - integrative and complementary medicine, natural dentists, chiropractors and other natural medicine providers. David has assisted over a thousand clients to grow, some to multi-million-dollar practices. He was rated the #2 consultant on the planet by WISE International and helped build a chiropractic practice to over $700,000 per month. He’s found that visionary professionals have unique problems and barriers. They are in competition with massive, well-funded vested interests who want them to fail. They fight an uphill battle against public ignorance, prejudice and government regulations. Normal practice management solutions are not designed to conquer these challenges. So these valuable health care professionals have to work harder than others just to achieve moderate success, and too many of them fail. He doesn’t think that’s right, so David uses his 34 years of expertise as an expansion consultant and marketing expert to reverse the odds. He uses the most powerful management and marketing technologies available and has developed a full and remarkable solution that he tailors to each client’s real needs. Early in his consulting career, two of his favorite clients almost lost everything because some expert’s generic solutions flopped. So he works hard to make sure his clients’ strategies really work. He believes that by succeeding, we’ll make the world a better place. David is author of two soon-to-be-released books, Tomorrow: Golden Age or Dark Age and Marketing Strategies That Work. His clients know his for his policy of always delivering what he promises.

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