Yash Varma

Yash Varma
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Yash is a technology consultant and founder of Spaarks. He has over 25 years of technology consulting and transformation experience. Prior to founding Spaarks, Yash was a senior consultant with Capgemini & Platinum Technology. He has successfully delivered many projects with organisations such Philips, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds, Telstra, CBRE, EMC, Australian Government and has worked in Banking, Telecoms, IT, Corporate Real Estate & Government. Yash seeks to transform the way that people work by applying the smartest technology to the way that organizations work to save significant money, improve productivity, and to automate labour intensive processes so they can spend their time doing the things that matter to their organisation. Yash is married with 3 children, is always keen to try his hand at any sport and has a love of great food, wine and chillies!

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