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Ep.60 Deb Jeffreys on the Four Stories That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Tell to Build a Thriving Business

Like any parent, my guest in this episode of the Dent podcast knows the difficulty of balancing a great career with family responsibilities. But by leveraging her entrepreneurial skills and … Read More

Ep.57 Major General Andy Salmon CMG OBE On: Being a Great Leader in the Face of Stress, Overwhelm and Complexity

Andy Salmon CMG OBE was the former Commandant General Royal Marines – Head of Service.  He lead the joint forces (over 10,000 troops) in Iraq before retiring to become an advisor … Read More

Ep.54 Don’t Count the People You Reach. Reach the People That Count with Robert Gerrish

For the past twelve years, Robert Gerrish has been Australia’s leading small business advocate, providing support and resources to entrepreneurs who are going it alone through his company Flying Solo. … Read More

Ep.47 Marc Jantzen’s 17 Year Journey of Building His Business from Scratch and Selling for Upwards of £10 Million

For many entrepreneurs, their businesses are built upon intangible, intellectual property, which can be notoriously difficult to scale up. In this week’s episode, I chat with Marc Jantzen who knows how … Read More