Ep.38 Tim Dwyer on the Strategies He’s Employed to Raise his Clients’ Valuations by over One Billion Dollars

Do you ever wonder if there’s a way that you can increase your business’ capacity, making it more efficient and effective? If so, I think you’re going to get a lot out of this week’s episode. My guest is the Global Director of Shirlaws Group and Product Mentor on the Dent Key Person of Influence Programme. His name is Tim Dwyer and he’s a master business coach, strategist and advisor who specialises in helping larger business commercialise intellectual property for scale.

He’s also an expert when working with business’ valuations and has an outstanding record of being able to unlock growth in companies of all shapes and sizes. In this conversation, Tim gets into the precise details around time and money management, and the capability and capacity that all businesses need in order to scale. So, if you’re interested in learning specific methodologies that you can employ to help your business grow and increase capacity, then grab a pen and paper because this episode’s packed to the rafters with gems.


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In this episode, we really get into:

  • The steps you need to go through to go from zero to 12 employees and create a multi-million dollar lifestyle business
  • How to colour code your time to become more efficient and more effective
  • Managing changing ratios of your time
  • The importance of money management and understanding your business’ current capacity and what your run rate is currently against that capacity
  • Focusing on processes, skills and bringing more energy into your business, and what each of those means
  • Tim’s formula for hiring a team. The mathematical principles on the how and the when that anyone can understand.
  • Going from concept to strategy to implementation
  • Understanding what the true capacity of your business is to generate cash and profit
  • Understanding capability and skill set
  • Six ways to grow your capacity

Tim will also be presenting at Dent LIVE in Melbourne and Brisbane in early August.


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2 responses to “Ep.38 Tim Dwyer on the Strategies He’s Employed to Raise his Clients’ Valuations by over One Billion Dollars”

  1. have pen, and paper, and now on 2nd listen through!! Thanks Glen and Tim.
    Muchos appreciados. 😀

  2. Tara Halliday says:

    Hi Glen and Tim, This was really useful and made me rush out and buy a 4-colour pen 🙂
    I wanted to ask about pro-bono work.
    About 50% of my time is pro-bono. If I measure it as blue then it looks like I’m doing way better at sales than I am, and will be mis-leading.
    I’ve been tracking it as green (well I do have it on the pen), would you say that was reasonable?
    Similar issues comes up for staff taking days off for volunteering.
    What would you recommend?
    many thanks, Tara

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