How Publishing Boosts Your Business – The Cold, Hard Stats

boost business with publishing

Everyone says that getting published will have enormous benefits for you and your business – but how do we know if thats true?

Having worked with over 70 entrepreneurs on their books, my team and I had plenty of anecdotal evidence on how publishing had transformed our clients’ businesses, but we wanted the cold hard stats. Now, after surveying the entrepreneurial authors in our network to discover how publishing affected their businesses, the results are in!

Authors charge higher rates

34% of the entrepreneurs we surveyed reported their earnings have doubled since the publication of their books.

Authors get more media opportunities
Media stats

After writing a book, the majority of entrepreneurs received media opportunities –63% were featured in online magazines, 43% in newspapers, and 33% on the radio. We even saw 10% on TV!

Authors get speaking gigs
Speaking stats

72% of respondents the entrepreneurs we surveyed got speaking engagements as a result of their books, and 33% were paid to speak at these events.

Authors leverage partnerships
Partnership stats

These entrepreneurs also were able to use their books to secure strategic partnerships, with 74% finding new referral partners, 42% getting distribution partners, and 26% partnering with the big brands in their industry.

But did all of this really make difference?

So, did these partnerships, media opportunities, and speaking opportunities really make a difference to their businesses? Well, when we asked our network, the answer was a resounding ‘yes!’ with 86% of author-entrepreneurs reporting that their businesses had grown since launching their book.
Business growth stats

There you have it, the numbers speak for themselves – publishing builds your business, expands your horizons and gets you the credibility you deserve.

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