Anneka’s an incredibly inspiring Australian foodie right at the top of her game. Having worked for 25 years for leading food publications and building a significant television and radio profile as an expert, she’s since gone on to create the BakeClub – a wildly successful baking school based in Sydney. If that wasn’t enough she’s also written two highly acclaimed books – Mastering the Art of Baking and BakeClass – where she puts her passion and expertise onto paper.

mastering-the-art-of-baking Bake Class

Anneka’s ultimate goal is to bring about a baking revolution! She fervently believes that baking can bring people together and her mission is to inspire home cooks with simple and delicious recipes. And you have to say she’s making some serious progress! Having started from scratch three years ago, the BakeClub and Anneka’s personal brand are off the charts, and they’re only getting bigger!

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Anneka’s someone who’s constantly pushing forward and throwing herself out of her comfort zone, and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s going to continue shifting our attitudes towards food, helping to enrich our lives and connect with the people we love!     

In this episode we get really deep with:

  • Anneka’s top tips of refining and crafting a pitch
  • Anneka’s story of building partnerships that helped the BakeClub to hit the ground running
  • How she created resources without money using clever and creative strategies
  • Getting past the “fear of the startup”!  
  • Anneka’s publishing strategy and why it works for her and her business

As well as…

  • Anneka’s first dollar and her rural childhood
  • Her immense experience in food publishing
  • The last three years as a metamorphosis for Anneka
  • Her long and passionate relationship with food
  • Baking and the five senses
  • How she found her niche and marketed from there
  • How she rose to the top and developed her TV and radio profile
  • How the BakeClub inspires confidence by providing skills and knowledge
  • The BakeClub’s six month programme that’s become a huge success
  • How Anneka leveraged her books to create partnerships
  • Anneka’s role as a brand ambassador and why it’s so important
  • Making the most of opportunities when they come your way
  • How she surrounds herself with inspiring people and why that’s so important
  • Learning to overcome problems as they come
  • Anneka finding the time and resources to do what she does best



The BakeClub

Anneka’s personal website



Anneka’s book, Mastering the Art of Baking

Anneka’s book, BakeClass