Welcome to the second instalment of the InDent podcast. In this episode I continue to talk about the big picture thinking that drives Dent Global and our clients’ businesses, as well as tactical and practical info to help entrepreneurs at all stages of their journeys. This time round, I’m talking about the importance of vitality in business, and how you can harness that power.

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The difference between functionality and vitality is more important now than ever. It’s the difference between being a replaceable cog and someone who’s impossible to be overlooked, the difference between being someone who enjoys being pushed and evolving with trends, and someone who fears change. It’s your choice whether you want to be vital or functional.

There are some really great exercises in this episode on how to move from functional to vital, as well as some deep questions to ask yourself about the difference you’re making on the planet and how much joy you get from the work you do. Enjoy.

In this show I talk about:

  • Why vitality is so much more valuable than functionality
  • How functionality is interchangeable, and why vitality is irreplaceable
  • Redefining the game
  • Why vital people enjoy their work more than functional people
  • Why it’s important to evolve with the trends and enjoy being pushed
  • The career is dead… and your adventure is just beginning
  • Your most valuable asset right now
  • Why machines are a long way away from competing with raw human vitality
  • Positioning yourself as a key person of influence
  • Regularly coming up with new models and plans as an entrepreneur
  • Making sure your business isn’t overtaken and left in the dust
  • Philanthropic businesses that are making a real dent in the universe
  • The next episode on how digital is changing everything


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