Paul Dunn is an absolute force for good. If you’re interested in finding out how you can use entrepreneurship as a vehicle for creating more and contributing more, then you’re definitely going to get a lot out of this episode. Paul is a four-time Ted-X speaker, author and a senior fellow at one of the world’s leading think tanks. He’s also a business guru, having launched three different companies in his career, employing hundreds of employees and exiting for over $40 million in total.


In 2007, he became the chairman of Buy1Give1 – a company that makes a real difference to those who need it most by unlocking the power of giving and creating a network of business owners and entrepreneurs. To date, Buy1Give1 has created 93 million giving impacts around the world and has grand plans for the future. This conversation will help you to think not just about how you and your business can create more but how you can contribute more as well.

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In this episode we get into:

  • The number one tip for finding and connecting with growing businesses across all industries
  • Paul appearing in Forbes alongside Richard Branson in a global feature on disruptors in business
  • Why more and more people are leaving corporations and becoming entrepreneurs
  • Offering a value exchange to small businesses and their clients so that everyone is involved in the giving
  • Global goals and the framework they create that allows everyone to pull in the same direction, and B1G1 as a vehicle to execute those goals
  • The importance of investing ahead of the growth in your industry, as opposed to waiting for it
  • B1G1’s goal to make one billion giving impacts by 2020
  • Changing your businesses scalability by asking yourself a different set of questions, and reimagining your company goals and objectives
  • Giving not as a one-way system but as a dynamic, cyclical flow
  • How Paul’s embedded the philosophy of giving into the brands, companies and people that he’s worked with
  • The greatest adversities Paul has faced as a human and an entrepreneur
  • The two words that Paul says before every speaking event to inspire and motivate himself





The Firm of the Future by Paul Dunn and Ronald Baker

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