Have you ever considered starting your own podcast? Do you currently listen to a podcast you really love and dream about doing the same?

Well, that was my story. I used to consume podcasts and audio books like they were going out of style. They inspired me. They got me thinking about different points of view that I hadn’t ever thought of before. They got me envious of the podcast host because of how fluently they spoke and carried a conversation. They motivated me to make changes to my life that I would have never considered before.

Now I have my own show. Its called the ‘Bond Appetit Podcast’ and it’s on the top of iTunes searches in two categories: Food and Fitness & Nutrition. My show is all about fixing your relationship with food and uniting various people through food.

By having my own podcast I’ve discovered that are are 5 problems that can be solved by starting your own podcast that make a HUGE difference to your life:

1. Never be a nobody again
Please do not misunderstand this heading, I don’t mean that you are a ‘nobody’. I mean that when you have a podcast, you suddenly become known in countries that you wouldn’t have even thought of before. I currently have listeners in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mexico and even Kuwait. It doesn’t mean that I feel more like a ‘somebody’ now that people in these countries know my name, but it does leave an impression on me that I can reach these people from my study table – and that blows my mind.

2. Change the world
Did you ever want to be a small part of history? I have never admitted this to anyone (except my wife) before, but I would love to be mentioned in a history book for future generations. I am nowhere close to that point, but my podcast will forever be part of the Internet. More importantly, I know that I would have at least changed one person’s world before I go. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Have your point of view valued
Within the first 3 weeks of starting my podcast, I got a message that said this: “Found this podcast by accident and I’m glad I did! First off, I LOVE this dudes voice! Ok, I eat like CRAP and I’ve REALLY been trying to change my ways lately. Then BAM, I find this podcast! Great info that REALLY is a wake up call for me. We NEED to feed ourselves in the best possible way imaginable and this podcast is a great source of info! Way to go!!”

4. Meet influential and cool friends
Because I have an interview show, every single guest on my show is now a friend. They are experts in their fields and they have been on my podcast. Have you heard of the saying, “its not what you know, but who you know”. That is not entirely true. I believe that it is pointless knowing the right people, if you have nothing valuable to contribute to the conversation. The fact that you are reading this article would tell me that you are on a quest to know more. It also would tell me that you have something important to say.

5. Talk about what you care about
I bet you must have something that you can’t shut up about to your friends and family. There is a topic that you can talk about for days without food, water or even a compliment. I can bet that there are other people on the planet that would love for you to talk to them about that topic. They would love to listen.

Don’t die with your music still inside you. Go out there and create your own show. Make it great and in your own image.

Connect with Ronsley Vaz Chief Food Sharer at The Bond Appetit Podcast on twitter @wearepodcast