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Yoga Meets Motherhood The ancient practice of yoga gives us the tools to manage the emotional journey of motherhood. It can help us transform our mind to find a sense of balance and relief from the daily pressures of work, family and play. Motherhood is a rollercoaster ride that lasts a lifetime. We all want to be the best mother we can be. We all want our children to thrive, feel loved and develop into secure, confident and resilient adults. Motherhood brings happiness and joy but also frustration and exhaustion. Raising a child is a life-changing and spiritual experience. We realise the world does not revolve just around us and by awakening our conscious mind, we discover we are all connected. Children make us see the world differently and they inspire us to want to change it. Yoga means the union of our body, mind and spirit, which are one. Yoga guides us to become our best self. It teaches us how to master our busy mind which clutters our doorway to bliss and freedom. Poses are linked to our breath. If yoga is not done mindfully, then it is just exercise. A misconception about yoga is that is it just a physical practice of poses. We think we can only practise yoga by going to a yoga class but that is just the first step on our spiritual path. Our breath is the bridge that connects us to all living things. The principles of yoga are about being compassionate and kind to ourselves and others. We learn to take the time for self-care, and to be truthful and content. We find the ability to let go of negativity, express gratitude and live in the present moment. It is about the connection between the teacher and the student, just like a mother and child. Less guilt, more joy. Yoga teaches us to be kind to ourselves and to let go of some of the guilt that so often comes with being a mother. The busyness of life means we are at risk of missing our children’s childhood. So unplug and switch off from the many external demands, distractions and devices, and tune into their world. Inhale their loveliness. Yoga teaches us to play, so we can relate to our child’s world. Learning to mother in the moment. Yoga teaches us to slow down and pause so we can regenerate from the challenges that motherhood brings. When we slow down and become present and more aware of what is happening in each moment, we can guide and nurture our children through life, helping them grow physically, mentally and emotionally – allowing and helping them to become their own person, not who we want them to be. Softening within yourself. Children are not in control of their feelings. When we are stressed, our children absorb this, which makes it harder for them to cope with stress themselves. When we relax and soften within ourselves, we are also soothing our children. When we learn self-acceptance and self-compassion, we can teach our children to accept their own individuality.

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