Income Follows Assets

income follows assets

This short sentence ‘Income Follows Assets’ revolutionised business for my business partners and I, transforming our small and struggling events company in London into a fast-growth global business in less than 4 years, and has created triple digit growth for hundreds of our clients around the world, too.

Here I discuss the illogic in thinking sales and marketing drives revenue and explain how developing 5 key assets completely changed the business game for me.


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  1. thank you Glen!! Your advice regarding my own IP at the recently brand accelerator in Brisbane was enormous… helpful.. clarifying… still need to do more work but a MUCH better position… not being chained geographically anymore is going to springboard my business. Much kudos and love to you Glen and the DENT team. P.S. Big props to Ed Hodge for the 2 hour phone session which was my first REAL contact with KPI methodology.

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