Your journey as an entrepreneur is more predictable thank you think.

Most people believe that the journey as an entrepreneur is unique to every individual. But in thinking that their own journey is completely different from anyone else’s, they get caught up in its details and miss the actual bigger picture.

There are certain problems and frustrations that come along at a very predictable time depending on which stage of business you’re currently in:

– Start-up

– Wilderness

– Lifestyle

– Desert

– Performance

But if you know the journey ahead of you, there are certain ways to overcome these frustrations. Based on research and experience, and also reflective of Big Data, these insights can be invaluable for any business owner. It’s therefore well worth knowing where you currently are in your own journey, before you can strategically plan and move forward to the next stage.

Here at Dent, we’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses from various industries, and we’ve put together a short video on the trends that each business goes through along. Click below to watch it.

If you’ve worked out which stage you’re currently at and want to scale your business to reach the next stage, then I recommend you come along to the London Brand Accelerator on the 7th of October. During this conference, I’ll be expanding on the predictable entrepreneur journey, and our line-up of industry leaders will be showing you what exactly needs to be done to overcome the frustrations and problems which arise during your journey.

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