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In every industry there are “Key People of Influence". Their names come up in conversation, they attract more opportunities and they earn more money. 

About the method
About the book
About the accelerator
Key People of Influence are not 10x smarter, 10x more experienced or 10x more likeable.

This has nothing to do with the functional skills in an industry, it’s got everything to do with five skills that make you more “vital” (the irreplaceable life-force). The five skills that Key People of Influence focus on are: 
KPI Method

The perfect pitch

Key People of Influence have a compelling answer to the question 'What do you do?’. If you can't pitch your value with clarity and credibility it’s game-over. 

Publish content

Key People of Influence create blogs, articles, reports & books for getting their message out to the world.

Product ecosystems

Key People of Influence turn their skills, talent and ideas into products that people love to buy. Rather than purely trading time for money, Key People of Influence surround themselves with a ‘product ecosystem’ that makes money anytime/anywhere. 

Raise your profile

Being good at what you do is no longer enough. If you want to be a Key Person of Influence you must stand out and be recognised - You are who Google says you are.

Partner with performers

Nothing great was ever achieved in isolation. Key People of Influence create opportunities with other high performers so that everyone can achieve more.
If you look closely you will see people in every industry applying this approach to break into the upper bracket of their field. It doesn’t take years, it doesn’t take luck and it doesn’t take hard work. It’s about focusing on the things that matter most. 

about the book

“Key Person of Influence” is an international best-selling book that gives an overview of how to become more visible, valuable and connected. More importantly, the book has inspired thousands of people to change the way they approach their career, their business and their personal brand.

The book covers the unique times we live in and how technology has created powerful opportunities to achieve more. It then delves into the Key Person of Influence Method which consists of the 5 Ps – Pitch, Publish, Products, Profile and Partnerships.  Finally, the book talks about breaking out of the functional behaviour that has gotten you this far and to begin focusing on the steps that will transform you into one of the more highly valued people in your industry.  The revised edition of the book was released in 2015 and includes over 10,000 words of updated content.

about the 40-week accelerator

For those who want to implement the Key Person of Influence Method quickly and powerfully we run the 40-week accelerator in the UK, USA, Australia and Singapore.

In each city, 50-100 businesses are accepted onto the program per year. The focus of the program is to apply the best practices with guidance from world-class mentors and a peer group of high-performers.

Environment dictates performance, and we’ve crafted conditions that support fast results. Our mentoring team include celebrities, multi-millionaires, celebrated leaders and world-class experts.


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We have worked with entrepreneurs and leaders over 50+ industries from all over the world. We typically start working with people who are already achieving results in their field and want to go to the next level - a Key Person of Influence. Our team work with celebrities, elite athletes and musicians.
Often our clients are respected for the work they do, their story and their insights but still they haven’t quite hit the top earning bracket or the level of brand awareness they desire. In many cases our clients have a powerful message they want to share and a meaningful issue they want to solve in the world.
We help our clients to use their Key Person of Influence status to build either:
A lifestyle business: lean, dynamic with a small team. Flexible, fun and personally rewarding. - A performance business: big vision, fast growth, 50+ people and high earnings. Valuable, scalable and investable.

our 2500+ clients have achieved:

Rapid growth
Creating globally recognised brands
Signing-on valuable new business and  high-end clients
Top-ranked podcasts, blogs  and articles
Writing best-selling books
Game-changing partnerships
Winning awards
Fundraising and business exit
Creating lucrative products and launching them successfully
Much more