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Caroline Jean-Baptiste
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Caroline Jean-Baptiste isn’t your normal mortgage broker. She’s pretty kickass. She’s the type of woman who makes stuff happen and gets shit done. She’s a business owner, a coach and mentor, wife, mother (to 4 gorgeous boys and one adorable staffy), intermittent gym enthusiast and reformed spendaholic. She also has a healthy addiction to self improvement and loves a good night out. Her driver is empowerment, particularly for women to create a strong foundation for a rich future. Acknowledged numerous times within the mortgage broking industry for business excellence, and amongst fellow entrepreneurs, taking home the Abundance Global Profitability award for 2018 she is a regular voice in the home loan space, educating and inspiring women to take control of their money so that they can buy a home or investment property. Drawing from personal experience, Caroline has been through the journey of buying her first home and vividly remembers sitting in her local bank being told that although she had (miraculously) managed to save a significant deposit, she didn’t qualify for a loan. Not only has Caroline been through a terrible loan experience, she managed to enter the market and buy three more properties to add to her portfolio all within a period of 8 years. Caroline believes anything is possible with the right advice and the right people to guide you through the process. Also the author of "Buy that House - How Kickass Women make it Happen" -a culmination of her years of working with people going through the home buying process, walking alongside them and experiencing every emotion throughout the process. Caroline has helped thousands of people get a loan, buy their home, protect and build their future.

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