22 hours ago

Ep. 24 From Fitness Trainer to International Speaker and Author with Jean-Pierre de Villiers

In this episode of the Dent Podcast I talk with Jean-Pierre de Villiers. Jean-Pierre is an absolute force of nature. He’s built his peak performance coaching business from the ground … Read More

scares you
1 week ago

What Scares You?

A friend of mine asked me the other day: What scares you? After giving the funny, cheesy answers I thought about the real one. What actually scares me the most … Read More

2 weeks ago

Striking The Balance

I recently had the privilege of hearing Paul Pester speak at a workshop. He was invited to talk about how he steered the high street bank TSB through the significant … Read More

Ep 22. Building a virtual clinic that makes babies, (and money) with author, entrepreneur and leading fertility expert, Gabriela Rosa

Over the last two decades Gabriela and her team have helped thousands of couples to bring healthy babies into the world, when all other treatments have failed. Thanks to her … Read More