are you listening
1 week ago
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Are You Really Listening?

On every measurement of human happiness, good relationships with other people rate very high, if not top of the scale. Good relationships are also a key to good business, with … Read More

big deal about small wins
2 weeks ago
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The BIG Deal About Small Wins

Co-founders are busy people. At my company, AirShr, it’s no different. My co-founders and I run hard to cover the many bases needed to build a great company. However, we’ve noticed that … Read More

unleash artist
3 weeks ago
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Unleashing the Artist

Last night I watched the film ‘The Artist’… and it really struck a chord with me and reminded me of some powerful lessons. The film is about a silent film … Read More

failing ecommerce businesses
4 weeks ago
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Why Do E-commerce Businesses Fail?

97% of E-commerce businesses fail. A staggering figure, but understandable when people are now competing with almost 1 Billion websites out there. At the current rate the 1 billion milestone … Read More

greater confidence
1 month ago
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5 Steps to Greater Confidence

Success is the result of confidence, just as much as competence. Yet, many strong and intelligent women continue to focus on proving competence, over developing confidence. Often, women tend to … Read More

will power makes you fail
3 months ago
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Will-Power Makes You Fail

Anything that requires will-power is destined to fail after the focus of your attention shifts. Will-power is a limited resource and it requires focused energy and attention, for that reason … Read More

becoming anti-competitive
3 months ago
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Be Creative, Not Competitive

In Daniel Priestley’s book ’Entrepreneur Revolution’ it’s clear that the barriers to starting a business have never been lower which means that every day, more people than ever are joining … Read More