be an expert
3 days ago
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Why You Need To Be An Expert

Nowadays, you are who Google says you are. Therefore, as a small business owner, it’s important to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Why? Because most people turn to Google … Read More

promotional campaign
7 days ago
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How To Build A Promotional Campaign

It’s very tempting to want to build before you sell. Perfect your collateral, before going in to pitch. Yet they’re traps – traps keeping you inside your comfort zone from … Read More

high performance environment
2 weeks ago
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Creating a High Performance Environment

“Building trust through consistent two-way communication is at the heart of a great workplace. The bi-product of listening to your employees, soliciting their input on a regular and consistent basis … Read More

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8 Killer Reasons To Publish

A little while ago I wrote a 30,000 word (unpublished) book manuscript. It was an amazing experience. As I was writing, I found there were some great take away’s from … Read More

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What Game Are You Playing?

I’ve interviewed over 3000 entrepreneurs around the world and I’ve discovered that entrepreneurs and business leaders are playing three different games. Struggle Game These people are clinging to the past, … Read More