Lucy Gower

Lucy Gower

Lucy Gower is a trainer and coach specialising in the people part of innovation. From a background in both design and fundraising, she led the first innovation team at the NSPCC, one of the biggest charities in the UK in 2007 and it was here that Lucy realized that you can have the best ideas, processes and technology, but if you don’t have the right mix of people lined up and committed to the impact the ideas can have then even the best ideas will fail. Since leaving the NSPCC in 2012 Lucy has worked with over 50 organisations including Amnesty, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Nesta, The Children’s Society and Greenpeace. Lucy specialises in developing focused and creative individuals, teams and organisations that deliver results. People learn quickly when they are actively involved and Lucy uses a range of proven practical techniques to help individuals and teams enjoy their wok and perform better including a mash up of innovation frameworks and processes, influencing skills, storytelling and improvisation. Lucy is author of The Innovation Workout and is a regular blogger and conference speaker, both in the UK and overseas. She is often seen on Twitter @lucyinnovation

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