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Pedro Mouta
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I'm Pedro Mouta, I was born and raised in Lisbon, and ever since I started my professional life, I’ve become kind of obsessed by learning and growing as a human being, particularly in the areas of management, strategy, and leadership. My first startup was a Mexican street food business called Walkamole (Walking Guacamole - cool name, right?) where we used to sell Burritos on a Piaggio APE 50 vehicle. It was a tremendous success, at least while it lasted, we sold more than 80k€ in revenues in less than 6 months. It was a great first experience. I've been working in two large corporations - the first was the largest Telco player in Portugal, and the second was a Corporate Venture Capital firm with a 40M€ investment mandate per year. Up until now, I've basically been a digital marketer, a manager of 8 tech products and an investment analyst, a member of the investment team of this Corporate Venture Capital. Today, I'm a full-time entrepreneur - I decided to leave my Corporate VC job to finally dedicate myself to what really matters - with a specific life purpose of guiding and coaching people on creating remarkable businesses. I work daily with entrepreneurs that are extremely motivated, dynamic, committed, and humble because those are the ones who get the results. Typically, I’m more oriented to guiding entrepreneurs developing their technological startup, or fundraising with investors. I help a wide range of people, from adolescents to adults with quite long careers, finding what they love to do, selecting and validating their business ideas, developing a strategy for their business, getting into action and driving results. Honestly, I believe we should all do something that ensures that we won’t feel any regrets when we are older. For me, that’s entrepreneurship; the feeling of knowing that each minute matters and that you can make a difference in the society. The feeling that every day you’re not sleepwalking like so many people, and you’re working on something that is up to your true potential. And if there’s someone I truly want to help are those guys who are humble and hard-working, that aren’t looking for getting-rich-quick schemes, who understand the importance of consistency and discipline, and who at the end of the day, just want to feel accomplished and fulfilled with what they do. This is who I am and this is what I believe in.

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