I chat with Key People of Influence making a Dent in the universe.

Personal Branding – Productising Services – Writing Books – Campaigns & Promotions – Pitching – Lead Gen – Revenue & Profit Drivers – Public Speaking – Team Culture & Attracting talent – Giving Back

 If you’re looking for the secrets of passive income or an effortless online money making machine, you can go chase those unicorns somewhere else. Business owner to business owner, I want to get behind the scenes into the specifics of how people get oversubscribed with opportunity, charge premium prices and do what they love while creating impact at scale.

I’m the co-founder of Dent Global. We’re best known for accelerating the rising stars of business through our 40 week ‘Key Person of Influence’ program.  We operate in the UK, Singapore, USA and Australia and over the last 6 years, 2000+ entrepreneurs have graduated our programs – many of whom I plan to talk to on this here podcast.

Be Brave,
Have Fun,
Make a Dent.