Gender diversity is an important discussion across nearly all industries and facets of modern life.  Although we like to think that the conversation has progressed, there are still many examples of gender bias and stereotyping; especially in the business world.

David Horne is a specialist in the venture capital space and during this episode he shares his experience and observations around gender bias and how it has affected the various areas he has worked in such as fundraising and business growth.  

On The Dent Podcast, we interview key people of influence in all walks of life. We delve deep to unearth how these successful people got to where they are, their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, and what their experiences can teach us all.  

David Horne is the founder of Funding Focus, a social enterprise whose mission is to level the uneven playing field that female and underrepresented entrepreneurs face when raising capital.

David is the author of “Add Then Multiply”, a speaker and a TedX presenter.  With a background as a chartered accountant, David also fulfills the role of CFO for many businesses.   

Here’s a taste of David Horne and Glen Carlson’s conversation –

  • Gender diversity in fundraising and how gender bias can affect success
  • A look at the venture capital and private equity model can be adapted to become more sustainable for all stakeholders
  • David talks about the successful launch of his book, “Add Then Multiply” and the awards the book has received
  • Using acquisition as a strategy
  • David’s 3 biggest lessons around exiting a business or agreement
  • What David learned from becoming a KPI and how he applied these lessons to his career
  • David’s story around how he created an opportunity for himself to deliver a TedX talk
  • Dealing with overwhelm during the early stages of building a business
  • How David uses meditation throughout his day to create time for himself and wellbeing 

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