To become a Key Person of influence, you need leads.

Whether you’re promoting your new book or a service, having a database of leads will put you at a huge advantage.

If you can master lead generation and audience building, you’ll find it much easier to grow your business.

However, “leads” alone are not enough to transform your business, you need to attract high-quality leads that turn into sales. For this, you can use Scorecard Marketing.

Scorecard Marketing

Scorecard marketing or quiz marketing allows you to use a quiz as your lead generation tool. Your audience can answer a series of questions that provides them with an overall score and some advice on how they can improve.

Scorecard Marketing helps you build a list of warm leads and allows you to gather some incredible data about your audience. You can do this all using our quiz software (and you get a 14-day free trial).

This makes it valuable for any business but even more so for Key People of Influence who want to build their authority and attract the best opportunities.

Below we’ve broken down 5 reasons you might want to consider using a scorecard in your business.

1. You want more leads

This is an obvious one, but it’s worth pointing out. Everything in business is downstream from lead generation.

Leads always come before sales, and if you don’t have a predictable flow of leads, it’s impossible to determine how many new customers you will attract.

One of the main benefits of using a scorecard within your business is that it helps increase the number of leads you get on a regular basis. Rather than using a traditional lead magnet like a free PDF, your audience gets to take a fun, interactive quiz that gives them personalised results.

It’s no surprise that quizzes and scorecards convert way better than typical (boring) lead magnets.

2. You want to increase your authority

If you want to increase your authority and become a Key Person of Influence, then a Scorecard can help.

If someone lands on your website and sees that you have a scorecard they can take, they will be impressed. You have created a tool that automatically assesses their situation and provides a personalised report. How good is that? People will naturally assume you are an expert in your field simply by having a scorecard.

After all, how many other businesses in your industry offer that level of advice for free? It’s pretty impressive, and your audience will automatically see you as an expert.

3. You want to be able to prequalify customers

When you become a Key Person of Influence, you’ll find that you’ll attract more opportunities and more potential clients.

However, you probably can’t work with everyone, nor would you want to.

One of the ways a scorecard can help is it can help you filter out the high-quality leads vs the low-quality leads.

4. You can use a scorecard as a prequalification tool.

It allows you to ask key questions that will help you determine how qualified your prospects are to work with you. These questions could include:

  • How many people are in your team?
  • How much did you spend on marketing in the last 12 months?

These questions can give you a better understanding of the size of a business and what kind of budget they have.

This information is valuable if you have leads coming in every day.

5. You want to publish better content

To become a successful Key Person of Influence, you’ll need to be producing content. Publish is one of the 5 Ps, after all.

Creating regular content helps you build your audience and attract more potential customers. But where do you get a consistent flow of new content ideas? This is where a scorecard comes in handy.

The data you get from your scorecard helps you see the exact kind of content that you need to create to help your audience succeed.

For instance, if you can see that a majority of your audience are all getting low scores on a particular topic or question, then you might want to start creating more content around that topic first.

This is one way that a scorecard can help you create content that your audience genuinely need.

Identify potential partners

As you know, partnerships are very important in business, and who you choose to partner with can have a huge impact.

Scorecard Marketing can actually help you identify new partnership opportunities and joint ventures. Here’s an example. When Daniel was taking orders for his latest book, he used a scorecard people needed to take to request an author copy.

One of the questions was…

“how many people do you have on your email database?”

Another question was…

“How large is your social media following?”

After asking these questions, you can imagine how easy it is to sit down and focus on the people who would have the biggest impact as a partner.

Next steps

If you need to improve your lead generation process, then take a look at our Quiz Software, ScoreApp. it allows you to create a simple scorecard in minutes that will elevate your brand and help you attract more of your ideal clients.