After returning from a trip to Africa and spending time with the local African people to experience their day to day lives and struggles, and then listening to a group of mums in the UK complain about the school canteen running out of jacket potatoes; Fran Boorman came to the realisation that she wanted to give more with her life.

Her eyes had been opened and Fran felt compelled to develop a company that could help the people who needed it directly, but also those in a position to help to do so more effectively.  Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals, Fran went on to build her company Goal 17 specialising in mentoring for equality and diversity.

On The Dent Podcast, we interview key people of influence in all walks of life. We delve deep to unearth how these successful people got to where they are, their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, and what their experiences can teach us all.

Fran is an award-winning business leader, the founder of Goal 17 Ltd, an award-winning social enterprise, and she is the creator of The Prove It Method.

In 2019 Fran was named Global Women’s Number 1 Female Business Influencer and she has  also been inducted into a supervisory board to the UK Government to progress Women in Enterprise.

Here’s a taste of Fran Boorman and Glen Carlson’s conversation –

  • The concept behind Fran’s company Goal 17 and how it was inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals
  • Developing a successful mentoring program that brings together young homeless people, corporate workers and UK Premier League Football clubs
  • Being featured in an article by Forbes after a journalist saw one of Fran’s Twitter posts and how that lead to exposure from other top media outlets including the BBC
  • Fran’s epiphany around what truly matters in life after a visit to Africa and spending time with the local people allowed her to see the struggles beyond the middle class’s first world problems
  • The pivot point in Fran’s professional growth and company expansion after becoming a Key Person of Influence
  • How Fran developed a brochure of vision and utilised the tool to network and get in front of some of the UK’s biggest CEO’s including Manchester United, Westham and Asana
  • Building emotional resilience to trust in your vision and push through the naysayers to continue growing professionally and reach your goals
  • Understanding the United Nations Global Goals and why they had such an impact on the direction that Fran wanted to head towards in both her personal and professional life


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