Date night should be a part of every healthy marriage or relationship. This becomes even more important the longer you have been together. Don’t let the commitments of kids and business dinners surpass the significance of this time for you and your partner. It will help to make date night more memorable if you mix it up a bit and don’t always do the same ol’ routine of drive to dinner and drive home, remember what went wrong in the movie, Date Night?

Here are some suggestions to add a little spice and variety for this important night of the week.

12 Ideas for Date Night 

  1. Celebrate Taco Tuesday by hitting up the best Mexican place in town and ordering up as many as you both can eat. Wash them down with a festive margarita or cold beer.
  2. Sign up for salsa lessons at a local dance studio (keep an eye on Groupon—they run deals all the time). Then the next weekend, go to a club together and take over the D-floor.
  3. Find the schedule for a local music venue and go to a concert for a band neither of you has heard of.
  4. Book the chef’s table at your favourite fancy restaurant and watch your meal come together from scratch as the chef works his magic in the kitchen.
  5. Rent a boat, or use your own and go for a sunset sail.
  6. Go to a nightclub that has Karaoke and participate! Pick a romantic song that brings up fond memories for each of you.
  7. Pull out that old fondue set you got over 20 years ago, or purchase a new one and have a fondue night for just the two of you.
  8. Go to your local comedy club and laugh the night away.
  9. Split a pitcher of brew at a nearby sports bar. Once you’ve had a few pints, then play a game of darts or billiards.
  10. Go on a gelato (or frozen yogurt) crawl in your town—just like a pub crawl, but with ice cream.
  11. Re-create your first date.  If you still live in the same town, it will be easier, but if not, try to find a location where you live now that replicates it as closely as possible.
  12. Take a class together learning a new skill.  Maybe a beginner painting or pottery class.  Make it something that is totally new for both of you.