When you search for your name in Google, what comes up?

Seriously, go search it and then come back to read on.

So what showed up? Loads of stuff about you? A pile of links to someone else with your name? Or the dreaded “Your search did not match any result”? Ouch.

When people “Google you”, you need to be the first thing they see. Your story, videos, articles, books, photos, what you stand for, the businesses you’re involved with. It gives your market a chance to connect with your ideas, which is vital to keep their attention in a noisy marketplace.

3 ways to get more discoverable on Google…


Creating content is key to standing out from the noise. Never just content for the sake of content though – produce great value that speaks directly to your market and solves their problems.

Write articles sharing your expertise. Record podcasts about your learnings. Shoot quick videos on your customers’ problems. Post your thoughts on social media. Find your medium and talk to your audience directly and with authenticity.


Published content online enables max reach. People can read your ideas and get to know your story from a hut in the Sahara to a ski lodge in Japan.

On the flipside, quality offline content adds loads to your credibility. Publish a book on your area of expertise and you’ve earnt yourself instant authority.

Always sharpen your ideas and best thinking on the stone of the market.

Publishing, online or offline, gives you real feedback as to whether it’s actually a good idea or a sh*t one. Make it available, refine it until you’re resonating with your market and avoid the pain (and expense) of getting it massively wrong.


Google loves social media content and presence. There’s loads of platforms and they all serve different purposes, take the time to nail those that speak best to your audience.

It goes without saying; you need to be on at least Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ but you can also utilise Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and blogging platforms like WordPress or Medium

Whichever you choose, consistency is key for creating engagement and a 2-way conversation.

It will take time, but it’s worth it. Key People of Influence are known, liked and trusted in their industry. It doesn’t happen by accident; it takes a good strategy and focused work to build your profile.