Our brains are immensely under the pump. The last I read, we’ve got 38,000 thoughts a day rattling around in our heads, which translates to over 1,500 mental processes an hour. Isn’t that scary? Our senses are quite literally being assaulted with information.

Theres no doubt that the times we’re living in are the most chaotic, noisy and content-heavy in history. You and I have devices on our desks, in our pockets and around our wrists, all feeding us information and of course: ads!

Thanks to technology and the information economy, more people are in business than ever before, which means you are in a constant battle to capture and hold attention so you can effectively communicate, market and influence your audience.

The advertising spaces you’re trying to tap are in signal jam. Odds are, you’re just adding to the noise instead of actually helping your audience to dial into what it is you’re actually saying.

If you’re like most of the businesses I see day to day, you’re also having a hard time trying to breakthrough with an online marketing strategy that works and ads that get the leads and make the sales.

Sound about right?

Here are 4 of our 5 quickest areas of focus for getting your digital marketing results on track:

1. Clear & Distinguishable Brand

How are you showing up in a way that doesn’t appear exactly like your competitors? To the market, most businesses marketing a product or service look and sound the same. We’re often too close to our own businesses to see it and that’s a problem. So do a brand audit, or better yet, have someone outside the business do it, then actively work to “de-commoditise” your business and your personal profile so you stand out.

2. Benefit-Driven Messaging

Speak clearly and in a structured, value-stacking sequence for your potential customers. Don’t waffle, and certainly don’t hype what you do. Use powerful hooks to capture attention and use your knowledge of the problems, consequences of problems and the effectiveness of a solution (your solution) – wrapped around a layer of your business’ credibility to demonstrate your value to your perfect customer.

3. Audience-to-Message Match

When you can take a perfect audience and couple it with the right messaging, your ability to get leads and make sales accelerates. There are opportunities within your business right now that would allow you to tap into audiences you already have access to that could transform your results. With some more time together (details below) we’ll show you how a few videos, some simple audience building on Facebook and a basic landing page helped generate £75,000 in sales for an entrepreneur in the Dent community in just over just 4 days. All by focusing on the right audience with the right message.

4. Strong Conversion Environments

Your business needs to be surrounded by digital assets that support you to get leads and make sales once you’re generating traffic through amazing tools like Facebook Ads. There’s a difference between websites and landing pages that just have business information, and websites and landing pages that help you get leads and make sales because they’re structured to be high-conversion environments.

The fifth and last insight, plus more detail and strategy on the first 4, and case studies with examples will be on show on 28th June at our full-day workshop, Get Facebook Ads That Work.

We help brands globally to scale using the unbelievable power of Facebook Ads, and our insights come from having invested approximately £30,000,000 in online advertising (90% via Facebook) across 47 industries on 5 continents, and generating just shy of 400,000 leads and sales through digital funnels.  In the rare instance when we’re not doing the button pressing for our clients, we’re in the training room with companies like yours sharing how you can do it, too. Hope to see you there.