The journey to becoming an outstanding entrepreneur has its peaks and valleys. Here are five steps you can take to expedite this process – to save yourself time and unnecessary emotions.

When I made the decision to become an Entrepreneur, I began to study ultra-successful individuals from different walks of life until I discovered how they thought, acted and worked. They all had things in common, and from these I’ve found there are 5 steps you can follow to help you become a remarkable Entrepreneur.

1. Prepare yourself to be Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually knowledgeable.

2. Talk about possibilities and solutions. Focus on results and get things done. Develop a growth mindset and continually ask yourself “What’s the opportunity here? How can I leverage this situation?”

3. Understand you are paid not just to work, but you are paid to be scared. The best entrepreneurs play out on the edges and take calculated risks. Challenge the way you performed yesterday. Take calculated risks.

4. Play the 1% game. Know the importance of having what only 1% of the entrepreneurial population have. Be willing and committed to do what only 1% of the entrepreneurial population are willing to do. The best entrepreneurs do what’s difficult, what causes them to stretch and what requires commitment.

5. Develop relationships with leaders, shakers and influencers around you so that you have a peer group that inspires you to be more.

Now, take some time to go into silence. Being a Remarkable Entrepreneur is really simple, you are designed by default to create, resolve problems and evolve. Follow the steps above and see how your entrepreneurial journey leads you to living your dream. You were constructed to win, designed to wow, and you’ve been built to inspire. You are a creator of enormous power….embody this, be it, live it.

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