If you want to be focussed and energised at work, then how you spend your free time really matters. Here are 5 habits that will leave you feeling rested and revived.

1- Allow some space in your day – During the week your diary might be planned to the minute, but on the weekends allow bigger spaces of time. This is crucial to help you unwind and ease into a state of less stress. Don’t say yes to every invitation, and pencil things in rather than overcommit. That way you can see how you feel on the day, rather than have to do something just because it’s in the diary.

2- Nap attacks – in my culture, and for others from sunnier climes, naps are an integral way of relaxing. Whilst it’s not always easy for office-trained people to nap, it’s a good practice to have a 30 minute lie-down to close the eyes, listen to relaxing music or practice deep breathing.

3- Leisurely movement – It’s great to exercise on the weekends when you don’t have to rush straight back to something. Choose a swim, long walk or yoga session and give yourself time to ‘be’ e.g. by having a hot drink at a cafe after. Even running errands nearby can be done on foot, which keeps you active and can save time too.

4- Follow the 10-minute rule – One of my rules at the weekend (where possible) is to follow the 10 minute rule. This means that I stay within a local radius for farmers’ markets, dinners out, and going to galleries or shows. Not having to take the tube and avoiding getting stuck in traffic is something I feel relieved about and keeps me calm!

5- Schedule some pampering – Weekends are a good time for ‘me-time’. Long baths, self-massage or booking for a treatment are all nurturing and good for your wellbeing. One of my best tips on this is to have treatments at home, so that you can drift off to sleep afterwards- bliss! I would love to hear how you get on adopting some new habits, or sharing your tips for recharging at the weekends.