There are times in our lives when our workload just seems to pile up and we become overwhelmed, highly stressed and, as a result, unproductive.

Entrepreneurs who become distracted from their primary job objectives can eventually cost their business millions if not billions of pounds. Let’s face it, if entrepreneurs are carrying around too many tasks in their minds they tend to be unfocused and spend an enormous amount of time, energy and thought on low priority distractions instead of clearly focusing on purposeful high priority actions.

To work wisely as an entrepreneur follow these 7 Steps to Eliminating Mental Distractions and restore a clear, un-distracted, focused and purposeful mind.

Here is how to do it:

A short pencil is better than a long memory, by organizing and prioritizing your days, you become more productive, less stressed and less overwhelmed. A clear mind that is focused on purpose has power.

1. Create a simple document called “Distractions” and in the first column write a complete list of every distracting idea, task, and project that is on your mind. Be sure to include anything in your personal or professional life occupying mental space and time. Be exhaustive.

2. Now, call the second column “Recycle”. Write a check mark next to any idea, thing, task, project or objective that you truly can’t do anything about or that isn’t worth any further thought. Sometimes we carry around in our heads ideas that are of such low priority that we simply need to dump them from our thoughts.

3. The next thing is to label the third column “Delegate”. Write the initial or full name of the individual who you feel you could best delegate the distraction written in column one to. This could be one of your subordinate employees or anyone who could take this distraction off your shoulders. Select thoughtfully and wisely – it’s wise to delegate to those more perfectly designed to fulfill the task. Think in terms of time and cost effectiveness.

4. Label the fourth column “Do”. Write your own initial in the box if you are the one best suited to tackling this action.

5. Label the fifth and last column ‘Date”. Write the date of when you intend to begin acting on this distraction.

6. When you have completed the above five columns then completely transpose all the resultant “delegations” and “dos” to appropriate “Daily Delegation Forms” for other’s to do or “Daily To Do Forms” for you to do. Again these forms can be created similarly as above.

7. Now sort the distractions into the ‘others to do’ or ‘you to do’ sections and date them in reasonable time frames. You will discover that what is on your plate for that actual day is way less than you at first imagined. You will discover that you have been filling and distracting your mind with things that do not need to be done for possibly days or weeks into the future or maybe not at all.

Finally, prioritize each of the items or actions you are to delegate or do yourself so that you are not lowering your self-worth by getting only low priority actions done each day at the expense of high priority, more productive actions.

By filling out this form you will reduce your stress and become less overwhelmed. You will be able to stand back and have a clearer perspective on exactly what is important and what isn’t.