Jay Shetty is a storyteller with the purpose of making wisdom go viral.  Through his podcast alone Jay has shared hundreds of stories, including those of some of the worlds most inspiring people, such as Kobe Bryant, Ray Dalio and Alicia Keys.  However rarely does Jay take the opportunity to sit back and reflect on his own story and the path that he has led.  In this episode of The Dent Podcast we get to hear Jay’s story.  

On The Dent Podcast, we interview key people of influence in all walks of life. We delve deep to unearth how these successful people got to where they are, their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, and what their experiences can teach us all.

Jay Shetty is a best selling author, podcast host, former monk and purpose coach.  He has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and is the host of the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast which reached over 64 million downloads in its first year of production.

Jay believes that it was his lessons learned while studying and living as a monk in his early twenties that set him up with the tools to challenge his idea of success and make the bold decisions required to build a plentiful career that not only hits his financial goals but also his goals for humanity.

Here’s a taste of Jay Shetty and Daniel Priestley conversation –

  • Jay talks about his fascination for human behaviour and how the knowledge that he’s acquired in that area drives him to be a successful entrepreneur
  • The people and stories that inspired Jay from a young age, including Richard Branson and David Beckham
  • How Jay’s initial goals towards the end of his time studying at at business school changed from wanting to work for a large firm to wanting to work for himself
  • How our markers for success evolve as we get older and gather new experiences in both our professional and personal lives
  • Why Jay chose to become a monk and how the experience taught him to make bold moves
  • How hating excel spreadsheets lead to a major breakthrough in the early stages of Jays career
  • How Jay used speaking opportunities to share his knowledge on social media and mindfulness, and grow his network
  • Jay opens up about being shy as a kid and how being forced into public speaking from the age of 11 by his parents may not have been that beneficial
  • The idea behind being ORS – open, random and supportive
  • Exploring what it means to become a business partner and whether that suits all business owners
  • Jays exploration into journalism and the media, and how it lead him to producing videos for Youtube 
  • Jay talks about the success with his book Think Like A Monk, the writing process and handling the self pressure to recreate the success with a second book
  • Reflecting on the benefits of business partnerships and the process of finding the right people to team up with
  • Launching the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast in 2019 and challenging the notion that Jay could only create short form content
  • Creating communities that allow more people to rise and shine in their business live’s
  • Why Jay still feels like he is only just getting started in his professional life

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