It’s no secret, I’m a busy girl.

But I mean these days, who isn’t?

Our hyper-connected lives mean that we are on the go all the time. Contactable 24/7. Emails, social media, fitness trackers, online calendars, the list is endless. We are constantly rushing from one moment To the next, busy with life, but are we truly “living”?

I mean, I know your heart is beating, you’re breathing, you hurl yourself from one day to the next, but are you really experiencing life?

I know that most of the time, I am not. I am guilty of taking life for granted. But I am luckier than most, because I have the best mindfulness teacher.

My 2-year-old daughter.

Our first lesson was an overcast Friday morning. Rushing out of the house I left my phone at home. After story time, we stopped for a snack and in typical Darwin wet season style, we got stuck in a huge rain storm.

While I ran for shelter, Lady A (my daughter) squealed with delight and ran around, splashing in puddles, dancing IN the rain.

As I sat and watched her, I filled with joy. While grown ups all around her were rushing around, annoyed at the rain, my little one was reveling in the joy of it all.

The simple joy of playing in the rain.

I watched as other people smiled as they passed her, their day a little brighter from catching the edge of her happiness.

So instead of trying to get the perfect Instagram shot, I sat and watched her and felt the joy of the moment.

Practicing mindful mothering.

I don’t have a photo of it, but every time I remember that moment, I will feel her joy again and I will remember that life truly is magical.

Children have so much to teach us don’t they?