Believe in your value. Pitch big. Deliver.

The whole world knows what Martin Luther King stood for. He delivered perfect clarity. But don’t for a moment think that his eloquent, passionately-delivered speech was one that he crafted in a day. King’s ground-breaking “I Have a Dream” speech was rehearsed, refined and delivered hundreds of times, in front of hundreds of people, before he finally got his global platform from which he pitched excellence to the masses.

You have this opportunity every day; to pitch excellence. To do that, you need to craft your pitch and deliver it hundreds of times. You have to gauge your audience’s reaction and understand where there is lack of clarity. You then have to refine your pitch and practice it again and again. And again. And refine more until you have pristine clarity that you can deliver with heartfelt authenticity. Your pitch should never be “in the works.” It is always your pitch; but it evolves.

Don’t ever EVER start your pitch with ‘This isn’t perfect’ or ‘I’m trying something new’ or ‘This is a work in progress.’ Your pitch is always done. And then it gets done better.

Craft your pitch with great intention and strive to deliver excellence through clarity and authenticity. Don’t underestimate the value that you bring to the world. It’s your responsibility to contribute to the greater good.

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