Hunt for success, and you’ll get it. It’s not a mystical process. It’s just that the brain can’t focus on a million bits of stimuli at once so it selects out what you’ve taught it to think is unimportant.

Be clear on what you would love, and be grateful for all that you already have. Positive thinking alone will not change lives, but balanced thinking, which opens the heart to gratitude and love will.

The first step to knowing your value is to answer to this simple yet powerful question: Are you filling your day with productive and meaningful actions that inspire you or with unproductive distractions that are bringing you frustration and despair?

In case you have not yet fully contemplated the illusive, obvious truth about your life, your whole life will involve working. So, some form of working is here to stay.You will spend most of your waking hours doing some degree or kind of work, either at home or in some form of more classical working environment.

Your work will be an all-encompassing and inescapable fact of your personal and professional life, and it may take on many forms during different ages or stages of your evolution. Your fulfilment in life will be proportionate to the quality and quantity of your work. You will be solving problems, answering questions, tackling challenges, overcoming obstacles, filling needs, organizing chaos or simply moving objects for yourself and others the rest of your life, most every day of your life. If you don’t fill your life with challenging work that inspires you, your life can become filled with working challenges that don’t.

The quality and quantity of your inspiring, yet challenging, work will partly decide the value of your time and the overall level of your fulfilment in life. Your work, though, can be inspiring or despairing, productive or unproductive, fulfilling or unfulfilling. It is all up to you and your attitude or perception.

You can do what you love and love what you do, or not. Transforming your life requires for you to acknowledge that when you do inspiring and meaningful work, it will energize you and make you feel youthful or even ageless. When you don’t, it will drain you and make you feel prematurely old.

As one billionaire once said, “Find out how to do the work you love to do and you will seldom, if ever, perceive your work as work, ever again.” You will love to work. And even ‘hard’ work will feel like you are hardly working.

When you know what is truly valuable to you, your true higher values or priorities, and you set sail toward your chief aim or most meaningful mission, vision or objective, you awaken your natural born love for working and serving. You activate your inner leader and you exemplify an inspired working life. You spontaneously become inspired from within to fulfil your higher values.

No one will ever have to outwardly motivate or remind you to get up and do the work that is most meaningful to you. You won’t be able to wait to get up and do what is truly most important to you — your inspired work and service for the world — and in turn the world won’t be able to wait to get your service.

Your highest value or chief aim in life is your key to working wisely and wisely working. It is the most meaningful and purposeful action you can ever do. You will do it most effectively and efficiently and with the most gratitude, love, inspiration and enthusiasm, which are the four cardinal feelings of self-mastery, achievement and growth.

When you have clear purposeful intentions and live congruently, or in alignment with your highest values or priorities, you automatically begin to walk your talk and expand the space and time horizons of your thinking and actions to fulfil your working dreams and live longer doing so.

Doing today’s most important tasks today instead of today’s tasks tomorrow is the key to a long and more fulfilling working life. So decide now what your highest values and priorities are and wisely get to work. You still have a great life and vast world of loved ones to serve.

Love, Learn and Be Wise.