One piece of software can do the work of one hundred accountants. One website can do the work of one hundred managers. One automated system can outperform one hundred scientists

Just as machines become more skilled than us, computers are now better than we are at thinking. But now, a new type of technology has taken over.

The technology of intimacy.

Intimacy is about knowing what someone else is experiencing. It’s about knowing what you are thinking, what you are feeling, what you’ve seen, what you’ve heard, what you’ve tasted and smelled. It’s about knowing who you are friends with, who you like, what you like and what interests you.

It’s about sharing – everything.

Through the act of sharing, caring, liking and discussing, we’ve seen multibillion-pound businesses created in just a few short years.

All over the world, people are running their small businesses and discovering the effect of using social media and social networks.

If you care about your clients, listen to them, talk to them and share experiences with them. Treat them like you would treat a friend and you will find your business is booming.

This is why I say the new game is love.

The companies that will do well in the future are the ones that discuss love in the boardroom.

They will ask questions such as:

“How would we build this business in a way that people love working with us, love buying from us, love supplying us, love talking about us and love to see us doing well?”

Talking about growing sales, beating the competition and dominating the market will NOT get any of those things achieved.

Love is about passion, love is about care, love is about intimacy and love is about…love.

Starbucks will do well if it continues to love creating the best coffee experience. Apple will do well if it continues to love creating the world’s best consumer technology.

You need to care about the customer experience (which might even start by calling them something other than a “customer”). You need to become more connected with what people in your industry are thinking and feeling. You must learn to talk openly about why others might love being part of your vision. The pay-off is huge.

The good news is that you now know what you have to do, and I think you will like it because your job in the new economy is to love what you do.

Have a love-filled Valentine’s ❤

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