If you have a small or medium sized business chances are that every person in your team has contact with a client, customer or supplier at some point.

Whether you like it or not, during that contact your team are representing your business, brand, visions and values – and if they’re disconnected, it will show.

Every time your team engage with someone they’re communicating your marketing values human-to-human. Be aware that the stakes are a lot higher in this situation, because a poor experience human-to-human lasts a lot longer than an annoying marketing email.

If some of your team aren’t truly connected, maybe it’s time to encourage them to move on. In my experience, having a heart-to-heart with someone who doesn’t seem like they care about the business usually gives them a platform to not only be honest with you, but also with themselves about where they want to be. I’ve seen it result in people making huge career changes, getting a much better work/life balance or just finding something new that gives them way more enjoyment.

I won’t lie, it’s a freakin’ tough conversation to have, but I’m yet to speak to someone who hasn’t gone on to find themselves in a much better space. A huge percentage of entrepreneurs actually admit to taking their leap after being made redundant.

The aim of course should be to perfect your method of bringing new peeps into the team in the future, ensuring that they’re connected to your vision from day dot.

It’s not enough for the owner or manager of a business to be connected to the vision; everyone must be. Surround yourself with people who are equally passionate and connected and they’ll work harder, think outside the box, spot opportunities and emanate your brand message in everything they do. Not to mention, it’s way more fun working with people who care about the same thing you do!