Quick question. Are you a “sneezer”? 

Before you think about it, let me first tell you – it has nothing to do with the flu!

I first heard of this term from Seth Godin’s book Ideavirus. He uses the term to describe the incredible power of social media in the hands of those who influence others.

“Sneezers are at the core of any ideavirus. Sneezers are the ones who when they tell ten or twenty or 100 people about an idea — people believe them. 

Now, seeing as you’re all Key People of Influence in your respective fields, I would like to ask you to share something interesting with your following.

You’ve probably heard that our annual London Brand Accelerator is coming up on the 11th of March. If attended one of these previously, I don’t need to say much more as you know how jam packed with value they are!

If you haven’t attended one, here’s a quick overview:

  • We’ll be sharing the five-step method to becoming more visible, valuable and connected in your industry.
  • The objective of the day is to arm you and your team with a simple and proven methodology for unlocking innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • The conference features five word-class speakers who offer clarity, inspiration and strategy for expanding one’s ability to influence in their industry.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate leaders who are willing to do things a little differently and are ready to stretch to go that extra mile, to come and join us on the day.

These could be your friends, family, business partners, colleagues, clients… the list is endless! So, what are you waiting for, send them this link:

London Brand Accelerator

And if you refer anyone let us know (we’ll be sending out a little gift to say thank you, if one of your referrals embarks on the Key Person of Influence journey with us).

Be brave. Have fun. Make a Dent.