Today is World Book Day (if you have kids, I hope you didn’t forget a costume this morning!).

I know you must have dozens of favourite books that have spoken to you over the years and changed your perspective on life. However there’s something remarkable I’ve learned from personal experience and from seeing over 500 of our clients become authors, and that is:

The book that really changes your life isn’t the one you read, it’s the one you write.

I believe that you have a book in you (or maybe several).

Your experiences, your insights, your stories and your views about the future are unique and deserve to be written down.

I know that your book will go out and meet people on your behalf. It builds relationships for you at scale. It demonstrates your authority within your niche.

I also know we live in a world of hyper consumption. There’s a million books you could read, a million shows to watch and a million products to buy – but there’s a lot more joy in creating rather than consuming.

Creating a book, when done right, is a joyful experience.

This World Book Day, honour the authors who’ve spoken to you, and reflect on the book you can and should put out into the world.