Brad’s a star in the entrepreneurial world and his story is an awesome inspiration for people from all walks of life. Starting from scratch, he founded Hub Australia in 2011 – a co-working business dedicated to providing community working spaces to small and large organisations across a huge number of different sectors. Now, Hub is Australia’s largest co-working space with over 800 members. Brad’s also founded CoAtiv8 and Platform3, under the umbrella company, Third Spaces Group. His businesses bring in a seven-figure revenue and in 2013 he was named Australia’s Small Business Ambassador.

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Brad’s mission is simple: to create spaces that drive innovation by allowing for collaboration between different businesses. Third Spaces Group goes much beyond just providing working spaces; they also offer marketing and technology services as well as opportunities for businesses in learning and creating.

Brad and his team are making a serious dent but they go way beyond simply making profit. Third Spaces Group is also committed to making a positive environmental and social impact, and is helping to redefine success in business in a big way!

In this episode we get really into these areas:

• What you can do when you find out you’ve got a product that’s not profitable
• How diversity can help to innovate your business
• Creating a valuable product and commercialising it
• The boom of the freelance economy
• Loads of different ways of keeping revenue ticking over

As well as…

• Being a leader in your industry
• Using trial & error as an entrepreneur
• Creating a company rhythm and why it’s important
• How to manage a team of employees spread out over the world
• Top tips on leveraging your personal brand
• Ways in which you can maximise profit from a growing team
• The art of delegation
• Using events to activate word of mouth marketing
• How Brad’s successful at retaining clients
• How his mission and values have evolved over time
• Resourcefulness in small business
• The importance of figuring out your business model
• How to love what you do and find value in it