Opportunity awaits in the land of podcasting

In case you’ve missed it, there’s an exciting world of information and entertainment that you need to know about. It’s time for you to tune into podcasts and consider the exciting possibilities this medium holds for marketing your business.



Until Augimage1ust last year, podcasts were something I was only vaguely aware of. I knew they were audio recordings but had given this little consideration. Frankly, I was too busy to give it priority and hence had ignored it. Heck, even the name “podcast” sounded nerdy and the domain of propeller heads.

That was until, courtesy of a bike accident, an enforced convalescence had me searching for entertainment options. I’m grateful to a colleague for getting me started on podcasts.

As a result, a whole new world has opened up, tapping me into rich sources of news and interviews in areas of personal interest and business learning. In this short article I’d like to share how my thinking has evolved around the uses of podcasts.


How I got started

image-2For me, the key to unlock this exciting new world has simply been a purple logo on my iPad – essentially it opens to the door to a vast library of possibilities.

At first, I simply listened to some podcasts which had been recommended. I quickly discarded an American interviewer with massive worldwide ratings – his rambling style drove me to distraction! On the other hand, the ABC proved much more engaging. I found myself able to access interviews on Big Ideas and on Conversations which I otherwise would have missed on radio. So too, listening to extensive end of play summaries each day of the Test Cricket on Grandstand was a delight.

From there it was a natural extension to explore business topics and I quickly developed a stable of favorites.

In this regard, I’d heard a lot about Tim Reid’s Small Business, Big Marketing podcast. Happily Tim exceeded my expectations and now I don’t miss an episode. Tim interviews successful small business owners about what they’ve done to grow their company. Don’t let Tim’s laid back style deceive – the way he draws out (in Tim’s words) Marketing G-O-L-D from the interviewees will inspire you to put the ideas into practice.

Another great source is Glen Carlson’s Dent (as in Make a Dent in the Universe) interview series. These discussions are big conversations that explore the journey of successful entrepreneurs. I particularly like hearing how these business owners have created enterprises which reflect their values, specialist knowledge and personal passion.

Attuned now as I am to podcasting, iTunes continuously reveals a treasure trove of interesting conversations. I’ve “reconnected” with long time influencer Dan Sullivan, extended what I’ve learned from Chris Ducker about running a virtual business and marvelled at the niche that chef Ronsley Vaz has created.

image3Ronsley’s story is fascinating. Starting a podcast to promote his Bond Appetit personal chef services has changed his business life forever. Ronsley’s podcast regularly gets 8,000 to 12,000 “listens” per day, adding up to over three million listens since he started. Ronsley now runs a marketing agency called Amplify where he helps others grasp the possibilities which flow from podcasting.





Business applications

As a coach, I’m always attracted to concepts which can be utilised by the firms that I work with.

I’m now a fervent believer that podcasts are an extremely valid medium for professional practitioners to promote their businesses. For starters, it helps progress prospective clients along the Know-Like-then-Trustpathway to your door.

Podcasting lends itself to an interview format, even where an interviewee is in a different location. Clearly this is a distinct advantage over video, thereby opening more possibilties in terms of potential people with whom you can record a conversation.

Podcasting is also a format which enables prospective clients to take in your message whilst they are doing other things. Whilst you can generally access the recordings via a related website, a mobile device means you can tune in whilst driving, sitting on a plane or doing household chores. I’ve been a lifelong radio listener but now with podcasts I listen to what I want, when I want, with the added advantages of pause, rewind and replay that radio simply doesn’t provide.

Podcasting also opens up any number of business opportunities. Sponsorship is an obvious application. I dare say that there’s any number of restaurant, food and lifestyle businesses that would be interested in tapping into Ronsley’s very specific bunch of 12,000 daily listeners! Just think …. build enough of an audience and sponsorship could make your marketing activity self funding.

So too, podcasting lends itself to all manner of strategic partnerships.  The easiest example is simply to interview a colleague on one’s podcast – you may care to check out my interview about A great day in the officeby Matt Wilkinson on the Bizink podcast as an example.


From listener to broadcaster

I’m hoping that this article will set you on the path not just to be a podcast listener but eventually to become a podcaster in your own right.

Addressing the technical aspects of creating a podcast is of course critical to launching into this brave new world. In this regard, you will need to make a decision as to who is going to take the primary running with this – you, a colleague or a knowledgeable third party.

In my case, I’m fortunate that colleague Brenton Ward has a ready aptitude for technology. In any event, a great place to start for information and assistance is Ronsley’s Amplify Agency.

Thereafter, the usual disciplines apply regarding the development of quality content i.e. set the time aside to prepare and produce it.

In this regard, my tip is to accumulate ideas about topics to cover – with podcasting this is a list of willing interviewees – so that you are ready to go when it’s time to create the content.

As is the case with any other marketing initiative, podcasts will work best with a complementary environment. For example –

  • In your interviews you can make reference to specific landing pages on your website
  • Promotion – you can arrange to have the interviews transcribed, whereupon extracts can appear in your blogs, newsletters and e-books.
  • Telling others about this exciting medium – hence this article J.



I hope this brief review has inspired you to at least put a toe in the water with podcasts. To quote some statistics from Ronsley’s site – audio consumption is set to reach 10 billion in 2016; audio listeners consume on average 5 shows per week and monthly listenership has grown 75% since 2013.

Could your business benefit from getting on board?