It was fascinating to speak with Adam Amos (the founder and mechatronics engineer at Robotic Systems) for Kochie’s Business Builders about drones and their future in the world (flying robots, who wouldn’t like that?). He’s got a great business idea and one that is already commanding attention from big companies like Intel.

This concept actually creates a whole new level of possibilities for big industry.

Adam and his team have taken the concept of toyshop robot and a robot on a production line to develop industrial-sized airborne robots that will change the face of many industries as we know them, for example; mining, agriculture and delivering medical supplies to remote communities. These robots can handle harsh weather conditions, are tough and durable and can carry significant amounts of weight.

While it’s an amazing product and Robotic Systems are leaders in their field, Adam is just like many other small business owners who I speak with every day. He is struggling with:

Finding the time to develop new products and doing everything in the business including sales and marketing.

Here are my top 3 tips for dealing with these problems:

1. Hire a sales and marketing person to unlock the next level of growth.

2. Sell the product before it is created to allow customers to have some input into what the final product is going to look like. Get pre-orders and pre-payments.

3. Find key partnerships to bring in orders quickly to cover wages and surplus. Get the balance of developing a new product and bringing new business in.

Check out the video below: Allocating Resources To Drive Growth – KBB TV