Business can be a numbers game, and there are lots of different numbers you need to plan for depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. To maintain a Performance business, you need to keep Revenue Per Person high. To establish your marketing budget, you need to keep your Cost Per Lead low. To make the most of your social media strategy, you need to maintain a high level of Engagement.

But there’s a series of numbers that every business should pay attention to ensure the survival and growth of the company: 60-12-10-2.

Over the years, we’ve found that 60-12-10-2 is the typical sales pattern. For every 60 leads – 60 people who have shown interest – 12 people typically proceed to the next step of booking into an appointment where they can discuss the possibility of working with you. Out of the 12, typically two people will have to reschedule, and only 10 will show up. And from the 10 who attend, typically two will convert into paying clients.

At Dent, we’ve established that 60-12-10-2 is our weekly baseline. Given the cost of our product, and taking into consideration our usual costs and our annual sales target, we know that in order to keep the business running, every city needs to make their LAPS of at least 60-12-10-2 per week. This will be different for each business, but it all begins with leads. If we don’t get at least 60 warm leads per week, the likelihood of us making our 2 sales that week would be low.

The great thing is, we’ve streamlined our lead generation strategy so that we no longer have to worry about leads, and can focus instead on making sales. We have an average of 140 new leads coming in each week, and these leads flow in like clockwork. The leads are so warm that when we call people back, they’re thrilled to talk to us, and within a few minutes they’re sharing their deeper issues relating to their business.

Often you’ll hear our team complaining that “there’s too many inbound enquiries to deal with” and we often get annoyed that we haven’t had time to call back people who’ve reached out to us specifically to discuss doing business together. It’s a good problem to have, and it was designed this way.

Our lead generation strategy for 2019 involves three key methods, and it’s something most businesses can leverage for their own growth, too:

  • Producing the right kind of content to rapidly make powerful points and position yourself as an authority in your industry.
  • Strategically using Facebook’s video-based tool to release videos and retarget people who are highly engaged with your content.
  • Building a customised tool designed to generate more data-rich leads that will allow you to have detailed conversations with them.

When you find a lead generation strategy that works for you, you as an entrepreneur can focus on finding new ways to get others to buy into your big vision, and you and your team can spend more time on making sales for a more fun and profitable business.

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