When growing a business, so much of our focus goes to what we’re getting; more revenue, higher profit, greater customer satisfaction etc.

But, what if one of our primary metrics as entrepreneurs was not measured by how much we get, but instead how much we give?

Entrevo is only a young company. We launched the KPI Programme in 2010 and in just five years we’ve worked with 1500+ business owners and leaders to help establish them as key people of influence in their field. We’ve grown into 4 countries, created hundreds of partners and won several respected awards.

During our five years, we’ve given hundreds of thousands to over twelve different charities globally.

So, this year at Entrevo, we’ve produced the first edition of our “Global Giving Report”, covering our giving for the last five years.

You can read the report here.

I hope this giving report inspires you to benefit from these sort of partnerships too.

Through entrepreneurial energy, the world is a better place.