When was the last time you picked up the phone and made an outbound sales call to your prospects?

MYTH #1: If you have a great product, the product will sell itself.

MYTH # 2: Enough marketing will generate enough inbound enquiry which will therefore lead to enough sales

If you believe these two things you’ll always struggle to make money and hit your sales targets.

Here is the truth:

TRUTH #1: If you have a great product, it creates less resistance when you pick up the phone and make a sales call.

TRUTH #2: Marketing gives you a valid reason to pick up the phone and make an outbound sales call in response to a prospect engaging with your marketing.

The above two myths are rationalisers for why you don’t need to do something deep down you know you should.

Get real and do what’s required to get the result.

Pick up the phone and make those calls.