Clarissa Rayward, Founder & Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre, has become a Key Person of Influence (KPI) thanks to her commitment to the 5Ps.

In particular, her unique pitch and publishing prowess has been the catalyst for the companies growth to a 7-figure business, with her differentiated approach separating her from the competition.

She has worked as a specialist family lawyer for the past 14 years, and has helped over 2,000 Australian families through their divorce. Unlike traditional divorce lawyers, her business offers a more pleasant experience and full support throughout the process.

Her large scale publishing strategy has also played a role in helping Clarissa establish herself as a KPI and grow Brisbane Family Law Centre.

In this article, we’ll dive into the exact pitching and publishing strategies Clarissa has used.


A big reason for Brisbane Family Law Centre’s success is the fact that Clarissa developed a unique pitch that was like nothing family law had seen before.

She flipped the paradigm on how family law is traditionally viewed, turning Brisbane Family Law centre into a multidisciplinary practice where lawyers work alongside counsellors and financial planners to ensure that clients receive the holistic support they need.

Clarissa is using her industry knowledge and skill to change the way Australian families experience divorce and separation. Known as ‘The Happy Family Lawyer’, her unique pitch boils down to this single sentence: she believes that your divorce can be something you can look back on with pride.

Unlike traditional divorce lawyers, Clarissa’s business employs a team of solicitors, financial planners and support staff that work closely with each client to ensure the best possible outcome.

Where possible, Brisbane Family Law Centre also adopts out-of-court dispute resolution alternatives. This often results in a more timely, cost-effective and collegiate result for clients.

By removing some of the stigma associated with divorce and providing an all-in-one solution, Clarissa has been able to differentiate herself from other divorce lawyers.

The results have been remarkable.

As well as helping over 2,000 Australian families through their divorce, she has grown Brisbane Family Law Centre into a 7-figure business.

While Clarissa’s unique pitch has played a key role in her business’s success, her epic publishing strategy has also been a big contributor to the business’s impressive growth.


In 2016, Clarissa launched a new venture called ‘Happy Lawyer, Happy Life’ in response to the growing number of lawyers and other professionals reaching out to her looking for ways of finding ‘happiness’ in their careers.

Her podcast and book, both titled ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life’, together with an online course and club, offer insights and resources for legal professionals seeking fulfilling careers and happiness both in law and in their life outside of the law.

Here’s an overview of Clarissa’s full publishing strategy:

1. Published a book titled ‘Splitsville — How to separate, stay out of court, and stay friends.’

2. Launched The Happy Family Lawyer Blog where she has published over 100 articles, talking about everything from law and business, to life and family.

3. Launched the ‘Happy Lawyer Happy LIfe’ venture in 2016, helping lawyers find happiness and fulfilment in both law and life. Through this venture she has published The Happy Lawyer Happy Life Book, Blog, Podcast, Club, & Online Course

The benefits of Clarissa’s commitment to publishing has played a major role in her success. The payoff has been:

1. Clarissa has positioned herself as an authority and a thought leader in her industry.

2. By providing value up front in the form of blog posts and podcasts, Clarissa has been able to build trust with prospects and pre-frame each consultation and sales conversation.

In this article, I discuss the value of a pre-sold audience, which is essentially what is created when you consistently publish high-quality content. Content that primes and educates the market positioning you as an authority, it’s shareable, and it’s return is compounding.

Having high-value content and a pre-sold audience enables you to make more sales, and automates a large part of the lead nurturing process that you would otherwise have to go through with every new prospect.

Clarissa’s unique pitch and publishing strategy have paid dividends, allowing her to automate the process of nurturing leads thanks to her library of value-packed content.

With a unique pitch and a large-scale publishing strategy, Clarissa has been able to differentiate her business and establish her expertise, making her competition irrelevant and her business a huge success.

Clarissa Rayward will be joining me at the next Dent LIVE in Brisbane on 16th May, where we’ll be learning the insights and specific strategies Clarissa used to grow Brisbane Family Law Centre into a 7-figure business.

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