Wire in awesome habits and amazing results follow automatically. This is what I learned from my dad, my life journey, and from the many successful people that fortune put on my path.

The construction and installation of superior habits is a dominant focus for any epic entrepreneur. Each time I have helped my clients instil new habits in their day to day living, I observe how awesome habits yield ‎amazing results.

Yes, of course it takes willpower while the habit is being installed. But once it gets wired in as a neural pathway and new way of being, the routine becomes easier to do than not to do.

As a result the energy and willpower that was needed to create the habit gets freed up to improve your performance and achieve even greater results.

So here’s an extremely powerful new tactic that has been delivering gorgeous results for the elite clients that I coach. (And please know that it’s really helping me advance my own game massively, as well).

So, let me invite you to give TJS Intentional Optimisation Strategy (TJS IOS) a go…

The idea is this: forget self-discipline when it comes to getting to your health, career, financial and spiritual goals. What works 100x better is to install an automatic system that ‘forces’ you to do the thing you need to do.

The reality of human nature is we generally get things done when there’s some fire under us to do them, so use this fact to give yourself a huge advantage.

Here are two simple examples:

Example 1: Getting ultra-fit is a game-changer. Everything in your life just works better when you’re alive with energy and peak health. But the reality is too many of us try to build the habit of working out via willpower. And so we end up giving up after a few weeks.

Using the TJS Intentional Optimisation Strategy, you could ‘force’ yourself to get uncommonly fit by hiring a trainer to come to your home at 6am three times a week. Now, you have to do the workout. Because he’ll be knocking at your front door tomorrow morning.

Book this schedule onto your calendar for 3 or 4 months and you’re golden. It won’t be easy. But it’ll be worth it.

Example 2: If this is the year you’re amped to grow your business/career exponentially (20% annual growth is so old-school), then ‘force’ the creation of a new habit by meeting with your mastermind alliance every Friday afternoon or sign up for a webinar program that runs every week or schedule a team meeting every Monday where everyone comes to the table to clearly explain what they’ve done to accelerate results.

You can use the TJS IOS to take more time off than you’ve taken off in years. Just ask yourself which trips and adventures would fuel your finest performance and help you live a life you love.

Then book the trips/adventures ahead 12 months. You’ll ‘force the optimisation’ even more if you pay for them.

I think you get the idea. Just run this protocol for a few weeks and you’ll see how awesome it is. And please remember: no idea works until you do the work.

To learn more about fastest way to build those habits, don’t forget to get a copy of my best-selling book A Path to Wisdom so that you learn how to sustain those habits that lead you to become healthy, wealthy and wise.