I regularly share business related content and tips to entrepreneurs and business leaders through blogs, social media and talks, to inspire them to keep going and help them strategise.

However some people have the opposite reaction and get discouraged. They feel that it’s going to be a long and difficult road ahead to build a profitable business, or a hot product or service. While the idea of building every part of a business in a remarkable way feels heavy and daunting from the outset, the experience of actually doing it isn’t.

The experience of creating something that gets talked about is often the most rewarding and energetically uplifting thing you’ll ever do.

Everything you consume requires energy – either to digest it, or to maintain it in your life. Creating is the opposite. When you create, energy flows through you. The act of creating wakes you up and makes you feel joyous.

If you don’t believe me, go and look at the Forbes Rich List of self-made billionaires. Hardly any of them are retired. Almost none of them have used their wealth to lean back from life and sit on a beach endlessly consuming stuff. Most of them are typically engaged in the joy of creating, not the burden of consuming.

Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer but chose to spend his final years pouring himself into the act of creating. He could have chosen to do literally anything. No one would have judged him harshly if he chose to retire. Why did he stay in the game? Because creating is joyous. Leaning in is joyful.

Start creating the future. Create yourself, based on who you want to be. Create your business, based on what you want to do. Create your life, based on the legacy you want to leave behind.

Get started by coming along to our three-day workshop to create your business campaign plans for the next twelve months. Creating and executing quarterly campaigns is key to exceeding your sales targets and creating your own market. You’ll learn how to:

1. Think like a Campaign Driven Enterprise
2. Separate yourself from the market
3. Create buying environments for buyers
4. Work out your capacity to deliver a remarkable experience
5. Create a quarterly campaign structure

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