You don’t often hear the word joy come up when you think about the subject of business optimisation. But that’s one of the reasons why David Dugan’s approach to business coaching and mentoring is so unique, not to mention successful.

David is a former naval commander turned high-level business coach (an inspiring story of grit and transformation in itself) and founder of the business coaching and mentoring company Abundance Global. Unlike many business coaches, David and his team work very closely with businesses at a numbers level where they help control not only revenue but profitability. And the results are there for all to see. In the last 12 months, David and his team have helped their group of clients with over $84 million in revenues raise this by a combined 55%, while net profit increased 418%.

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If you run an established business and you’re looking to boost profits, create more cash, and get more joy from your work and life, bookmark this episode. You’ll definitely want to listen to it more than once.

In this mini-masterclass, we look at:

  • Myths around profitability and cash flow (and bust them)
  • The three types of business – now, future and asset
  • Facing up to a future of disruption
  • Why revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king
  • Scaling your business profitably
  • Creating intergenerational wealth and prosperity
  • How to optimise for profit
  • How to optimise for joy – turning a J.O.B. into J.O.Y
  • The five levers to generate more cash in your business
  • The SERPI method explained in detail



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