Any entrepreneurial venture requires a leap of faith. But as Dhiraj Mukherjee explains, the leap of faith required by him and his fellow co-founders of the Shazam app was nothing short of, well, crazy.

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Think about this. It’s the early days of the web. You have this great idea for an app. The problem is that the technology doesn’t exist, the data you plan to use doesn’t exist, and even a business model for monetisation doesn’t exist. What could possibly go wrong? That’s exactly what Dhiraj Mukherjee and his three co-founders faced when they decided to create the Shazam app.

In this episode that’s packed with entrepreneurial insight and inspiration, Dhiraj takes us on a tour behind the scenes of this hugely successful app that’s been downloaded by billions of people, where the idea came from, how the founders came together to create it, and how it was developed over time, ultimately to be sold 18 years later to Apple for $400 million.

Here’s just some of what Dhiraj shares with us:

  • How a crazy idea between friends started an incredible journey
  • Bringing the founders together and their roles
  • Why he gave up a cushy corporate gig at 30 for start up uncertainty
  • Developing an ethos for success and long-term start up survival
  • How Shazam was funded and how it developed
  • Thoughts on team development, hiring and letting go of the reins
  • Finding a revenue model that worked
  • Their best marketing decision
  • His top transferable lessons for entrepreneurs
  • Dhiraj’s thoughts on the special sauce for success
  • Giving back and joining Save the Children
  • The importance of exploring and pushing your own boundaries


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