Google allows you to answer almost every question that pops into your head. Social media allows you to connect with like-minded individuals around the world. E-commerce allows you to sell products to a global marketplace. Information is freely available, people are instantly connected and markets are globally available.

New opportunities and challenges are emerging every day, and entrepreneurship, teamed up with technology, are solving them all. In the next ten years we will see the effects of this, and they will be huge.

Until recently, the Internet as we know it had been in development and people were using it like a new toy.

Today people have integrated technology into the fabric of their being. It’s hard to imagine a day or two without your smartphone, Wi-Fi or social media. People are rapidly connecting the dots with all this technology and finding new and transformational ways to make an impact in the world.

One thing we know for sure is whenever there are new and powerful ways to connect, they have a huge impact on business. Phones, commercial air travel, television, email and mobile computing have all shown us that the companies that adapt quickly get a jump on those that don’t.

It’s now possible for a seventeen-year-old girl sitting in her bedroom to start a group on Facebook for free. She can have thousands of followers and fans worldwide for free. She can talk to them all on video for free. She can write to them all for free. She can get them all excited about her ideas… all without spending any of her money. Fifteen years ago, you would have needed thousands of pounds in marketing budget to achieve this.

These are the times we live in. Already we are seeing people as young as twenty making six-figure incomes from their ideas. These teenagers aren’t attached to the idea that a business has to be the way it used to be. They don’t think a brand needs to cost a lot of money or that they need to live in a particular location in order to do business there.

That’s why they are succeeding: not because they are better at using the technology, but because they are better at letting go of the way things were done in the past, and probably because they were never attached to these ideas in the first place.

This new technology is no longer a toy, it’s in the fabric of humanity and it’s here to shake things up for the future.

Next week, we’re running Get Digital with three of our partners – Really Bright Media, SOtech and Rethink Press.

During this two-hour workshop, we’ll be covering:

1. How you can unpack your ideas into thought-provoking digital content for your market.

2. Why publishing digital content is key to gaining credibility within your industry.

3. How you can capture data-rich prospects.

4. How to effectively leverage technology in your business.

5. How you can use your product ecosystem to nurture prospects.

6. Why using videos is becoming an easier way to convey your message to your market.

7. Getting your “big message” across to your market via video.

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